Funny Husband Memes

funny marriage husband and wife memes

Husbands are interesting creatures. We expect them to be strong roll models, but we often forget how important they are in our lives. Husbands can brighten your mood if you’re having a rough day, especially if they get caught doing something that exposes their silliness.

Dank Memes Clean

dank memes funny and offensive 2019

Dank Memes are very popular nowadays. The term “Dank” is typically used to describe memes that have been produced over the top, and in most make absolutely no sense. Often times they are so ridiculous, they can be seen as ironically humorous.

Most often Dank Memes contain visual effects of other manufactured artifacts that make them stand out from other memes. It is sometimes hard to find clean dank memes due to the fact that most dank memes are intentionally offensive, sometimes sexually.

Below is a collection that will be updated from time to time of dank memes that are PG-13 clean. Feel free to submit your own memes if you choose.

Valentine’s Day Memes

funny valentine's day memes

If you’re single, Valentine’s day may be a sore subject for you. Some have referred to the Hallmark Holiday as Salentine’s Day, substituting the V for an S, so as to claim some happiness over their own circumstance. If you and your Gal Pals are all single, maybe it’s Galentine’s Day! Which ever it is, we hope you enjoy some of our favorite Valentine’s Day Memes.

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Hidden Features of Hey Siri GUYS ONLY!

Since Siri debuted in 2011with the iPhone 4s, it has constantly been improved upon. You can use Siri to check emails, send text messages, make calls, and even set appointments. I have found some secret features of Siri lately. This is a public service announcement for the Men of the world. Do NOT under any circumstance share this with your wives, or it will forever be ruined.

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